Lopez-Martin Millesime 2006

Finest Fizz


A perfectly mature Champagne made from the magnificent grapes from the 2006 harvest. Its 7 year ageing in the limestone cellars has allowed it to express intense aromas while still keeping its freshness and very thin bubbles. You can taste every aspect of good champagne within each sip
This is a truly magnificent champagne that we can only describe as a kaleidoscope of flavours. Initially, the rich sweetness of a 10 year aged champagne shines, before high florid notes start to take over. Next comes the fruit flavours before the masterful depth of finish is akin to the rousing fireworks display at the end of a symphony concert. In fact, so wondrous is the effect it has, you'll probably be throwing roses at the nearest stage and shouting 'Encore'
The signature of a very good year.

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