Grower Champagnes

The champagne that Finest Fizz imports is known as Independent or Grower Champagne. This means that it is made by the people who own their own land and make their champagne from the grapes that they grow.

In the modern world of big brands and high-volume production, these family businesses stand firm by controlling everything from growing, vinifying, crafting and bottling. Grower Champagnes have been described as ‘artisanal winemaking’ with terroir being at the forefront for each wine, rather than an emphasis on a consistent house style that can be made year after year. While large Champagne houses, such as Moët et Chandon may source grapes from the entire Champagne region, the vineyards owned by a Grower Champagne maker are generally clustered around a single village. Some growers will craft their wine to reflect the terroir of that village, especially if they own vineyards in one of Champagne's Grand crus.

Grower Champagne account for a small percentage of worldwide wine sales. The popularity of Grower Champagne is a relatively recent phenomenon. Since the 18th century, Champagne houses have dominated the business dynamic in the region. These private houses or negociants would buy grapes from the owners of several vineyards to blend and make Champagne. As of 2003, there were over 3,700 brands of Grower Champagnes, these wines accounted for less than 3% of Champagne market. The market is growing as the wines continue to increase in popularity and availability.

Each producer has a variety and grade of champagne – brut, reserve, prestige, rose and, in certain years, vintage.

Finest Fizz also has a number of half-bottles, Magnums and Jeroboams available on request